Sapporo Snow Festival

Sapporo Snow Festival

Besides being a tech industry giant, Japan is known for its unique, attractive, and amazing festivals. One such beautiful festival is the Sapporo Snow Festival, Yuki Matsuri. Located on Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido celebrates this festival every year. When is the Sapporo festival celebrated, and how do people celebrate it in Japan?

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What’s the Sapporo Snow Festival?

Sapporo Snow Festival

Sapporo Snow Festival, the Yuki Matsuri, is one of Japan’s biggest and best winter festivals. This festival is celebrated in the capital of Hokkaido, the northmost Islamic Japan, in February. On this day, the people of Japan come together, make different scriptures with ice, and then celebrate this beautiful Sapporo day. 

This day becomes more special when people come together with their families, have meals, talk to each other, and spend quality time with them. But what’s the history of the Sapporo Snow Festival? Why is it celebrated? Let’s talk about that now.

What’s The History of The Snow Festival?

Sapporo Snow Festival

The Sapporo snow festival came into being in 1950 when some high school students from Japan made some statues in Odori Park with ice. Everyone who saw these scriptures couldn’t stop praising them. Seeing the students, other people started building the same statues for fun. And over the decades, this day started getting celebrated as a Sapporo snow festival. Now, it’s celebrated in the northernmost Island of Japan.

What locations are the Sapporo Snow festivals celebrated in?

Sapporo Day is celebrated in different parts of Japan, but it’s most famous for being celebrated in Odori Park, where it originated. I’ve mentioned all of the parts of Japan where this beautiful festival is celebrated.

Sapporo Snow Festival

Odori Site

In Odori Park, a 1.5-kilometer-long park in the center of Sapporo, you’ll find a captivating array of snow sculptures, including large ones reaching over 25 meters in height, medium-sized creations, and charming small sculptures. These frozen works of art, along with projection mapping and Snow Slide transform the park into a winter wonderland

Susukino Site

Explore the magic of ice sculptures at Sapporo’s Susukino Site. With a fantastic ice sculpture show, an Ice Sculpture Contest, and interactive experiences in the ‘Fureai Hiroba’ plaza, Illumination Street, and the Ice Bar, it’s a delightful fusion of art, entertainment, and winter charm

Sapporo Snow Festival
Sapporo Snow Festival

Tsudome Site

At Tsudome, located within a sports dome, you can enjoy a winter wonderland with exciting snow slides, thrilling snow rafting, and captivating snow sculptures. It’s a place where the magic of snow comes to life, offering a range of fun activities for all ages to enjoy

In How Many Countries Is This Festival Celebrated?

Various countries have celebrated the idea of sculpting art from snow and ice, but the authentic Sapporo Snow Festival is just for the people of Japan. Its international reputation, however, has undoubtedly influenced how winter festivals are celebrated worldwide, highlighting the universal appeal of this artistic endeavor.

How Is The Sapporo Snow Festival Celebrated?

The Sapporo Snow Festival is celebrated in Japan in many different ways.

1. Snow Sculptures and Art Displays

The first obvious thing is the snow sculptures that the artists make in Odori Park to celebrate this beautiful festival. The artists make beautiful sculptures with ice, which other people come to see and appreciate.

2. Snow and Ice Activities

Various winter sports for kids and adults are available at the festival. There’s something for everyone, from snow slides and snowball fights to ice skating and snowboarding. A playful and adventurous element to the festival comes from active participation in these activities.

3. Food and Beverage Delights

Japanese people can’t celebrate festivals without having their favorite foods and beverages. So, they also have their favorite foods and different beverages on the day of the Sapporo Japan Winter Festival to get the most out of it. 

A variety of local and international foods line the festival grounds. These food stalls satisfy taste buds and provide a cozy refuge from winter chills, so visitors can enjoy hot bowls of ramen, freshly grilled seafood, and sweet treats like Taiyaki (fish-shaped cakes with sweet fillings).

4. Concerts and Performances

Concerts and live performances are key to the festival’s ambiance. The festival stage comes alive with diverse entertainment, from traditional Japanese music and dance performances to contemporary concerts featuring local and international artists. Visitors get visual and auditory delights from these performances, giving the winter fest a vibrant, musical touch.

5. International Participation and Cultural Exchange

At Ice Festival Japan, people also have an artistic competition among Japanese people and international people who come across the globe just for the competition. The artists come together and then see who makes the best scripture. This takes the fun of this festival to an even larger level.

6. Illumination and Nighttime Magic

One thing you’ll find common in all of the festivals in Japan is the illumination. During the Sapporo festival, you can party all day and all night. A great work of light is done in the parks and in all of those spots where this festival is celebrated, which adds more fun to this amazing festival.

When is the Sapporo Snow Festival 2023?

The below shows the time of the September snow festival 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026. 

YearStart DateEnd Date
2024February 4February 11
2025February 5February 11
2026February 5February 11


Sapporo Snow is a winter festival in Japan celebrated in different states of Japan. Still, it’s famous for being observed in Odori Park in the capital of Hokkaido, on the northmost island of Japan. On this festival, people make different scriptures with ice, have their meals with their family and favorite beverages, and illuminate the spots where this festival is celebrated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Snowcasting in Sapporo Odori Park?

Snowcasting in Sapporo Odori Park involves creating intricate snow sculptures during the Sapporo Snow Festival, attracting millions of visitors.

What are the Highlights of the Sapporo Snow Festival?

The Sapporo Snow Festival showcases stunning snow sculptures and offers various activities, including the renowned Susukino Site and Tsudome Site, drawing crowds fascinated by Hokkaido’s snow artistry.

How is the Sapporo Snow Festival Celebrated at Night?

At night, the Sapporo Snow Festival transforms with enchanting illumination, creating a magical ambiance around the snow sculptures, a visual delight for spectators.

When Does Sapporo Snow Festival 2023 Take Place?

The Sapporo Snow Festival 2023 dates can be found on the official website, inviting visitors to experience the grandeur of Japan’s winter festival.

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