Awa Odori

Awa Odori Festival

Awa Odori is one of the largest dance festivals in Japan, which is celebrated as a part of the Obon festival. The beauty of this festival is the dance of the biggest dancers from across the globe, followed by the drums and other traditional music.

To witness the beauty of this festival from their own eyes, over 1.3 million people each year come to Japan. If you don’t know what this festival is? how it is celebrated? and how you can get to this festival if you’re a tourist? then reading this article is crucial.

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What’s Awa Odori?

Awa Odori

This is also called the awa dance festival is one of the largest and the most beautiful 400 years old festivals celebrated in Japan in Tokushima Prefecture on Shikoku. This festival is observed annually from 12 to 15 August by organizing adorable events across the Tokushima prefecture. 

Dancers from all over the world came to Japan to make this festival even more memorable and beautiful. Dancers dance to the traditional music of Japan, like the shamisen lute, taiko drums, Shinobue flute, and the Kane bell.

Awa Odori



Awa Japan Odori festival is one of the best Japanese fall dance festivals celebrated yearly in Tokushima, a beautiful city in Japan on the eastern coast of Shikoku. This festival is celebrated only in Japan, not in any other country.

History of Awa Dance Festival

Awa Odori

Awa Dance Festival is a part of the Obon Odori festivals, which are celebrated to honor the departed souls of their ancestors. Obon comes from the Buddhist word obon, which means the decease. All Obon festivals are celebrated differently to honor the souls of past loved ones.

This festival is a little different from other obon festivals as it includes a Type of festival dance to the traditional music of Japan. This dance is done to hone and please the departed spirits who are believed to return to their houses in August on the Awa Dance Festival. While the other obon festivals are thousands of years old, Awa Odori is only 400.

Now the question arises: when is the Awa Dance festival going to be celebrated in 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2025? Let me tell you that now.

When is Awa Odori 2023,2024,2025 and 2026

Awa Odori

Several people are desperately waiting for Awa Odori 2023. Some people are even waiting for the awa odori 2024,2025, and 2026 for their reasons. Although, as you already know, it’s the 11th month of the year, the Awa Dance Festival 2023 has already been gone. But I’m mentioning the dates below for all the years just for your reminder.

How Do Japanese People Awa Odori Festival?

Awa Odori

Japanese celebrate Awa Dance Festival by doing a lot of different things mentioned below.

  • The first thing that people do in Japan to celebrate this festival is to dance energetically to the traditional music of the country. The tourists, locals, old and young, and all types of people dance Japanese on this day in the decorated streets. This dance is also called Obon dance or dancing dead, as it’s done to please the deceased souls.
  • The attire is a Japanese word that means clothes. People at the Awa Dance Festival wear vibrant clothes like kimonos, Tokyo happi coats, and other traditional garments to showcase the beauty of Japan.
  • Awa Odori is a communal celebration where neighborhoods, families, and friends unite. Communities form dance troupes, practicing their moves in anticipation of the festival. This shared preparation fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie among the participants.
  • The festival accompanies live music played on instruments like shamisen, drums, flutes, and gongs. The music adds depth and excitement to the performances, creating an immersive experience for everyone involved. The musicians skillfully create an energetic beat that sets the pace for the dancers.
  • It’s about dancing in Tokushima, where dancers wind their way through the streets. They move in synchronized formations, captivating spectators with their graceful movements. A thrilling atmosphere fills the streets with music, clapping, and cheering.

How to Get There?

I know many of you may be willing to go to Japan to attend the Awa Dance Festival. Well, if you want to go there by plane, then fly from Tokyo’s Haneda airport directly to Tokushima. However, if you want to go by train, take the Tokaido Shinkansen to Okayama station and then travel to the Tokushima station via the JR Seto-Ohashi Kotoku Line.


Awa Dance Festival is a part of the Obon festival which is celebrated in Tokushima on the eastern coast of Shikoku in Japan. Hundreds of thousands of people visit Japan to witness this festival. It’s celebrated each year from 12 to 15 August by dancing, having gatherings, wearing traditional attire, and singing.

What is the meaning of Awa Odori?

Awa Odori is a traditional Japanese dance festival originating from Tokushima, Japan. It’s a lively and spirited dance with a rich cultural history.

What is famous for Awa Odori?

Tokushima City—the center of Awa-Odori is most famous for Awa Odori. Awa Odori is also famous for its energetic and rhythmic dance performances. The festival is one of Japan’s largest and most renowned.

What are the characteristics of Awa Odori?

The characteristics of Awa Odori include synchronized group dancing to music played on shamisen, drums, and flutes, along with unique choreography and distinctive costumes.

Who celebrates this Awa Odori?

Awa Odori is celebrated by people in Tokushima and other regions of Japan during the Obon festival in mid-August. Tourists and locals alike come together to enjoy the festivities and join in the dance as well.

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