Qatar National Day 2023(When This Day Is Celebrated)

Qatar National Day

Qatar is a well-known country known for its amazing hospitality, culture, tradition, and significant global presence. You may also know Qatar as one of the wealthiest countries, where people have everything normal people desire to have. Like other national days, this country has a Qatar National Day to celebrate its amazing traditions, blessings, history, and heritage.

Qatar National Day is celebrated as the Independence Day of Qatar, and students get leave from school to celebrate it with their family and friends. What’s the history of Qatar National Day? When will it be celebrated in 2023, and how? You can learn all about that in this article.

What’s Qatar National Day?

Qatar National Day 2023(When This Day Is Celebrated)

Qatar National Day, which you may also know as Founders Day, is a beautiful day in Qatar celebrated every year on December 18. The day is celebrated to show love, patriotism, respect, and pride for the country. 

This day is celebrated magnificently in Qatar in many different ways. On this particular day, students are given a holiday to celebrate Qatar’s national day with their loved ones by taking part in fireworks displays, traditional music, and cultural shows.

What’s the History of Qatar National Day?

Before 1878, there were many tribes living in Qatar, which made the region unstable. Due to having too many tribes living in one place, there were a lot of issues taking place among people. There were fights, inequalities, and many other problems. 

Finally, in 1878, Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammad Al Thani became the ruler of Qatar, and he expressed his thoughts about having a separate nation so that all the people of Qatar could become one nation and live happily. 

When he became the leader, he worked day and night to make Qatar a separate nation. His hard work paid off on December 18, 1878, when Qatar was recognized as a separate country. So, to celebrate this particular freedom and honor Qatar’s greatest leader, Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammad Al Thani, Qatar’s national day was established. It was established by the leader himself, and to date, it’s celebrated in the country.

What’s The Importance of Qatar National Day’s Symbol


Qatar’s National Day symbol, Ladaam, or Al Adaam in Arabic, holds enormous significance for them. Qataris sacrificed for their country’s independence, which is represented by the national flag’s maroon background. 

In the Qatari flag, the Arabic name is surrounded by a white band that symbolizes peace, harmony, and pride.

When will Qatar National Be Celebrated in 2023?

December 18, 2023, is Qatar National Day. On this particular day, all schools, colleges, businesses, and shops will be closed as it’s a national holiday in Qatar.

How Is Qatar National Day Celebrated?

On Qatar National Day, different events are held around the country. All the people leave their businesses and schools, take a day off, and arrange the following events in the country to celebrate this beautiful day.

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1. Military Parade:

One of the most significant events of Qatar National Day is the impressive military parade held in Doha. It showcases Qatar’s military strength, unity, and readiness. It’s a proud moment for Qataris as they witness their armed forces in action, highlighting the nation’s security and stability.

2. Fireworks Displays:

Qatar National Day is lit up with dazzling fireworks displays in various parts of the country. These colorful spectacles light up the night sky, filling the air with excitement and joy. Families gather to watch these displays, creating memorable moments together.

3. Cultural Exhibitions:

Qatar’s rich heritage takes center stage in cultural exhibitions. These events feature traditional arts, crafts, music, and dance performances. Citizens and visitors can immerse themselves in Qatar’s art and history during this vibrant celebration of Qatari culture.

4. Public Concerts:

Energetic concerts featuring local and international artists are organized, filling the air with music and enthusiasm. These concerts unite communities, offering a platform for people to dance, sing, and celebrate national pride.

5. Traditional Folk Performances:

Qatar National Day is marked by captivating folk performances. This show showcases Qatari traditional dances and music, preserving the country’s cultural heritage for future generations.

6. Sports Events:

Sports enthusiasts have their share of excitement with special sports events organized on National Day. Football matches, athletic competitions, and traditional games are held, promoting healthy competition and unity among participants.

7. Community Festivities:

Communities come alive with festivities, including picnics, barbecues, and family gatherings in parks. These informal gatherings strengthen social bonds, allowing neighbors and friends to celebrate together, creating a sense of camaraderie and community spirit.

These are all the events in Qatar held to celebrate Qatar National Day.


Qatar National Day is celebrated on December 18 yearly to celebrate pride, freedom, and blessings and to honor Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammad Al Thani, who made Qatar a separate nation. The day is celebrated by taking a leave from work and arranging different events in the country, including military parades, fireworks displays, cultural exhibitions, public concerts, and sports events. And Qatar National Day

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the National Day celebration in Qatar and UAE in 2023?

The National Day celebrations in Qatar and UAE are on December 18th. In 2023, both countries will commemorate their National Day on the same date.

What events can we expect during the National Day celebrations in Doha and Abu Dhabi?

National Day celebrations in Doha and Abu Dhabi include grand parades, spectacular fireworks displays, cultural exhibitions, and thrilling public concerts. Qatar and the UAE both take pride in these festivities.

Are there any special events planned for Qatar National Day 2023 in Doha?

The Qatar National Day Parade will take place in Doha in 2023. The exact time will be announced closer to the date.

What are some of the significant national holidays in Qatar for 2023?

On December 18, 2023, Qatar’s National Day will be significant. Other important national holidays will be observed throughout the year, reflecting the country’s cultural diversity and patriotic spirit, including Qatar Independence Day and Qatar National Sports Day.

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