Lithuania Independence Day

Lithuania Independence Day February 16th|Lithuania Independence Restoration Day March 11th


Lithuania, a proud and resilient nation, commemorates two significant Independence Days –  Lithuania Independence Day February 16th, and Lithuania Independence Restoration Day. The first Independence Day celebrated on February 16th, marks the historical event when the Act of Independence was signed in 1918, declaring Lithuania as a sovereign state. This momentous occasion laid the foundation for the nation’s autonomy.

Lithuania Independence Restoration Day celebrated on March 11th, holds special significance as it signifies the restoration of Lithuania’s independence in 1990. This day marks the culmination of the country’s unwavering struggle for freedom during a challenging period in history.

In this article, you will learn the rich history behind Lithuanian independence, the traditions that accompany the celebrations, and why Lithuania observes two independence dates. Wanna know all about this? then read the article till the end.

History of how Lithuania gained independence?

Lithuania Independence Day

On February 16, 1918, a momentous chapter unfolded in Lithuania’s history as the Council of Lithuania boldly declared independence by adopting the Act of Independence of Lithuania. This historic document, often referred to as the Act of February 16 or the Act of Independence, served as the cornerstone of Lithuania’s sovereignty, officially proclaiming the nation’s autonomy from external powers. The significance of Lithuanian Independence Day, celebrated annually on February 16th, lies in commemorating this pivotal event that marked the birth of a free and independent Lithuania.

However, the journey to freedom faced challenges in the subsequent years. The sovereignty declared on Lithuania’s Independence Day 1918 was met with turbulence during various geopolitical shifts. It wasn’t until March 11, Lithuania Independence Day 1990 that Lithuania once again asserted its independence. On this date, Lithuania’s Independence Day took on renewed importance as the country reestablished its autonomy after a period of occupation. The courage and resilience of the Lithuanian people during this time frame, especially symbolized by the events of March 11, 1990, solidified the nation’s commitment to its independence.

The Act of Independence, also known as the Act v16, and the dual celebration of Lithuanian Independence Day on both February 16th and March 11th reflect a complex historical narrative. These dates signify not only the initial declaration in 1918 but also the enduring spirit of the Lithuanian people, who, in the face of adversity, reclaimed their independence in 1990. This historical journey, marked by declarations, struggles, and the eventual restoration of sovereignty, showcases Lithuania’s remarkable path to freedom.

When Lithuania Independence Day is celebrated in 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028?

In 2024  Lithuanian is going to celebrate Lithuania Independence Day on Friday, February 16 2024 and Lithuania Independence Restoration Day on Mon, Mar 11, 2024. In the following table, we mention the list of 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, and 2028  Lithuania Independence Days and dates.

In 2024  Lithuanians Celebrate Which Year of Independence?

Lithuania Independence Day

Lithuanians celebrate Lithuania Independence Day 106th anniversary in 2024.

What does the Lithuania flag represent?

Lithuania Independence Day

The Lithuania flag, composed of three horizontal stripes of yellow (top), green (middle), and red (bottom), symbolizes the national traditions of the Lithuanian people. The colors hold significance: 

  • Yellow Represents the abundant fields of wheat and the prosperity of the nation.
  • Green symbolizes the lush landscapes of Lithuania, reflecting the country’s agriculture and forests.
  • Red Represents the courage and vitality of the Lithuanian people.

Together, these colors not only create a visually striking flag but also encapsulate the essence of Lithuania’s natural beauty, cultural heritage, and the resilience of its people.

How do Lithuanians Celebrate Independence Day? 

Lithuanians celebrate Lithuania Independence Day in the following way:

1. Parliamentary Solemnity at the Hall of the Act of 11 March

Lithuania Independence Day

Lithuania National Independence Day, observed with great fervor on February 16th, is a momentous occasion that brings the nation together in celebration and reflection. One of the central components of the festivities is a solemn parliamentary meeting, traditionally held at the historical Hall of the Act of 11 March. This iconic location holds deep significance as it was the site where Lithuania reasserted its independence in 1990.

2. Commemoration Ceremonies Presided by the President

Lithuania Independence Day

The day’s events often commence with commemoration ceremonies presided over by the President of Lithuania. The president, along with dignitaries, pays homage to the nation’s history, reflecting on the sacrifices and struggles that paved the way for Lithuanian independence. This formal acknowledgment sets a tone of reverence and gratitude for the resilience of the Lithuanian people.

3. National Colors and Patriotic Displays

Lithuania Independence Day

Throughout the country, the spirit of Lithuania’s independence is vividly displayed. Many citizens participate by donning the national colors of red, green, and yellow, proudly waving the Lithuanian flag. This vibrant expression of patriotism is not only a visual delight but also a symbolic gesture that underscores the unity and pride shared by the Lithuanian community.

4. Festivities Across the Country

Lithuania Independence Day

While the solemn parliamentary meeting captures the essence of the day, celebrations extend far beyond the capital. Across the country, flag-raising ceremonies, cultural events, and artistic performances take place. Vilnius, the capital, often hosts free opera concerts and ballet performances in the cathedral square, providing citizens with an opportunity to engage in cultural festivities.

5. Culinary Delights and National Pride

Lithuania Independence Day

No Lithuania Independence Day celebration is complete without indulging in the nation’s culinary delights. Traditional dishes like burokėlių sriuba (beetroot soup), šakotis (a distinctive layered cake), and cepelinai (potato and pork dumplings) are enjoyed by many during the festivities. These culinary delights not only satisfy the taste buds but also serve as a delicious reminder of the rich cultural heritage associated with Lithuanian independence.

This is how Lithuanians celebrate Lithuania Independence Day.


The dual celebration of Lithuania Independence Day on February 16th and March 11th brings forth a tapestry of events, from solemn parliamentary gatherings to nationwide festivities. As the nation reflects on its history during these significant days, the enduring spirit of the Lithuanian people, symbolized by their unity, resilience, and pride, becomes a beacon of inspiration. Happy Lithuanian Independence Day.

Pictures of Lithuania Independence Day

Why Lithuania Has 2 Independence Day?

Lithuania celebrates two Independence Days to commemorate distinct historical events. February 16th marks the declaration of independence in 1918, while March 11th signifies the restoration of Lithuania’s independence in 1990 after a period of occupation. Both dates are integral to the nation’s journey towards sovereignty, reflecting its enduring spirit and resilience.

When did Lithuania get independence?

Lithuania regained its independence on March 11, 1990. This pivotal date marks the restoration of sovereignty after a period of occupation, symbolizing the nation’s unwavering commitment to freedom and self-determination. March 11th holds profound significance in Lithuania’s history as a day of renewed independence and national pride.

Does Lithuania have 2 independence days?

Yes, Lithuania commemorates two Independence Days. The first is on February 16th, marking the 1918 Declaration of Independence, and the second is on March 11th, celebrating the restoration of Lithuania’s independence in 1990 after a period of occupation. These two dates represent distinct historical milestones and are integral to the nation’s identity and resilience.

What do Lithuanians celebrate on Feb 16?

On February 16th, Lithuanians celebrate State Restoration Day, marking the historic event when the Council of Lithuania declared independence in 1918. This day, also known as Lithuania’s Independence Day, commemorates the nation’s autonomy and the signing of the Act of Independence, a significant milestone in Lithuania’s journey towards self-determination.

Does Lithuania have a national day?

Yes, Lithuania observes a national holiday known as the Day of Restoration of Independence of Lithuania, celebrated on 11 March. This significant day marks the restoration of Lithuania’s independence in 1990 after a period of occupation. It is a momentous occasion, symbolizing the nation’s resilience and determination to reclaim its sovereignty.

What holiday is July 6 in Lithuania?

Yes, July 6th is a significant holiday in Lithuania known as Statehood Day or Coronation Day. Celebrated annually, it commemorates the coronation of Mindaugas as the King of Lithuania in 1253. This public holiday has been officially observed since 1991, allowing Lithuanians to reflect on and honor their nation’s historical and cultural heritage associated with the medieval monarchy.

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