Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day of love that fills the world with color every February 14th. People express their feelings with sweet gifts and romantic words. It’s a time to celebrate love in all its forms. Let’s explore how Valentine’s Day began and how different cultures enjoy it.

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What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is special when people show their love and care for each other. People worldwide celebrate it by giving each other gifts like flowers and chocolates and writing sweet messages on cards. It’s a fun and romantic time for couples, who go out for dinner or do something special together.

The History of Valentine’s Day: The Dark Truth About Valentine’s Day 

Valentine’s Day has a dark history that goes back to ancient Rome. It started as a pagan festival called Lupercalia, where men killed animals and hit women with their skins to make them fertile.

Then, it became linked to two Christian martyrs named Valentine, who died for their love because the emperor forbade marriage.

Why Is Valentine’s Day Celebrated?

The Love of Saint Valentine

St Valentine was a Christian priest and bishop who lived in Rome in the third century AD. He was a brave and faithful man who faced persecution and death for his beliefs.

He also had a big heart for love. He secretly married couples who were in love, even though the emperor Claudius II had banned marriages for his soldiers. He believed that love was stronger than any law or war.

But his secret weddings were discovered, and he was arrested and thrown into prison. There, he met Julia, the blind daughter of his jailer. He healed her eyes with his touch, and they became friends.

Before he was executed, he wrote her a letter, saying goodbye and signing it “from your Valentine”. This started the tradition of sending cards and gifts to express love on February 14th, the day of his death.

After talking about the historical story of Valentine’s Day now let’s talk about how this lover’s day is celebrated 

How You Can Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Here are some ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day :

1. Write a love letter

Nothing says “I love you” like a handwritten note that expresses your deepest feelings to your valentine. Pour your heart out on paper and surprise your loved one with your words. You can also add some quotes, poems, or song lyrics that capture your emotions.

2. Cook a romantic dinner

Instead of going out to a crowded restaurant, why not stay in and enjoy a cozy meal at home with your valentines? You can either cook together or prepare a dish that your partner loves. Set the mood with candles, flowers, and music. Don’t forget to toast to your love with some wine or champagne.

3. Watch a movie together

Curl up on the couch and watch a romantic movie that makes you both smile. You can choose a classic, a comedy, or a new release. Make it more fun by preparing some popcorn, candy, and drinks. You can also cuddle under a blanket and share some kisses.

4. Give a thoughtful gift

A gift doesn’t have to be expensive to be meaningful. Think of something that your partner would appreciate, such as a book, a gadget, or a personalized item. You can also make something yourself, like a photo collage, a scrapbook, or a playlist. The important thing is to show that you put some thought and effort into it.

5. Have a virtual date

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you can still celebrate Valentine’s Day together. Thanks to technology, you can have a video call, play online games, or watch a movie simultaneously. You can also send each other some e-cards, messages, or videos to express your love.

6. Take some photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. You can capture your Valentine’s Day moments by taking some photos or videos. You can either take some selfies or ask someone to take your pictures. You can also use some props, filters, or stickers to make them more interesting. You can then share them on social media or keep them for yourself.

7. Talk to each other

One of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to have a meaningful conversation with your partner. You can talk about your feelings, your dreams, and your goals. You can also ask each other some questions, such as what you love about each other, what you are grateful for, or what you want to do in the future. You can strengthen your bond and deepen your connection.

How Different Countries Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Here are some examples of how different countries celebrate Valentine’s Day:

  • United States: Cards, Flowers, and Chocolates In the United States, Valentine’s Day is a big deal. People exchange cards, flowers, and chocolates to express their love. They also go out for romantic dinners or plan thoughtful surprises for their partners. It’s a day to create lasting memories with your loved one.
  • Japan: Giri Choco for Everyone In Japan, Valentine’s Day has a unique twist. Women give chocolates to not only their partners but also their friends and coworkers. This is called “Giri Choco,” which means “obligation chocolate.” A month later, on White Day, men return the favor by giving gifts to the women who gave them chocolates.
  • South Korea: A Monthly Celebration of Love In South Korea, Valentine’s Day is not just a one-time event. Love is celebrated on the 14th of every month, each with a different theme. For example, May 14th is Rose Day, when couples give each other roses. December 14th is Hug Day when couples share hugs and warm drinks.
  • France: Romance in the City of Love In France, Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers in the city of love. Couples exchange cards, called “cartes d’amour,” and dine in cozy bistros. They also walk along the Seine River or visit famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre. The city is filled with romance and passion.
  • Brazil: Lovers’ Day in June In Brazil, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on June 12th, the eve of Saint Anthony’s Day. Saint Anthony is the patron saint of marriage and love. Couples exchange gifts, such as flowers, chocolates, or jewelry. They also enjoy lively street parties and festivals, celebrating love and happiness.
  • South Africa: A Mix of Tradition and Modernity In South Africa, Valentine’s Day is a blend of traditional African customs and modern Western influences. People give flowers, chocolates, and romantic dinners to their partners. They also wear colorful clothes and accessories, inspired by the African culture. Some people also follow the ancient Roman tradition of pinning the name of their crush on their sleeve.
  • China: Qixi Festival in August In China, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, usually in August. This is called the Qixi Festival, or the Double Seventh Festival. It is based on a legend of two lovers, a cowherd and a weaver girl, who are separated by the Milky Way and can only meet once a year on this day. People exchange gifts, pray for love, and weave colorful silk threads to commemorate their stories.
  • India: A Modern Celebration of Love In India, Valentine’s Day is a relatively new phenomenon, but it is gaining popularity among young people. Couples exchange gifts, such as flowers, cards, or teddy bears, and show their affection through gestures, such as holding hands or kissing. They also celebrate the diverse cultural expressions of love in India, such as Bollywood songs, folk dances, and regional cuisines.
  • Denmark: Snowdrops and Gaekkebrev In Denmark, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with snowdrops and gaekkebrev. Snowdrops are pressed white flowers that symbolize hope and purity. Couples give each other snowdrops as a sign of their love. Gaekkebrev are funny poems or rhymes written on paper and cut into intricate shapes. They are signed with a series of dots, representing the sender’s name. The receiver has to guess who sent them the gaekkebrev, and if they are right, they get a kiss or an Easter egg.
  • Philippines: Mass Weddings on a Grand Scale In the Philippines, Valentine’s Day is a day for mass weddings. Hundreds of couples get married on this day, in various locations, such as malls, parks, or churches. They are joined by their families and friends, who witness their vows and celebrate their union. It’s a day for a grand celebration of love.

Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day History

  • From Rome to Love: Valentine’s Day comes from an ancient Roman festival called Lupercalia. It was a time to celebrate love, spring, and fertility in mid-February.
  • Chaucer’s Love Story: Geoffrey Chaucer, a famous poet from the Middle Ages, was the first to link Valentine’s Day with romantic love. He wrote poems about knights and ladies falling in love on this day.
  • The First Valentine’s Card: The oldest Valentine’s Day card we know of was sent in the 15th century. Charles, Duke of Orleans, wrote it to his wife while he was locked up in the Tower of London.
  • Cupid’s Magic: Cupid, the Roman god of love, is often shown with arrows. The legend says that if he shoots you with his arrow, you will fall in love with the next person you see.
  • The Heart of the Matter: The heart shape, the symbol of love, comes from ancient Greece. It was thought to look like the seed of a plant called silphium, which was used as birth control.
  • Shakespeare’s Valentine: William Shakespeare mentioned Valentine’s Day in his play “Hamlet.” He wrote about love and giving gifts on this day.
  • A Bloody Valentine: In 1929, a famous gangster named Al Capone ordered the killing of seven of his enemies on Valentine’s Day. This became known as the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.
  • Sweet as Chocolate: Richard Cadbury, an English chocolate maker, made the first heart-shaped chocolate box in 1861. He started the tradition of giving chocolates on Valentine’s Day.
  • Roses are Red: Red roses are the most popular flowers to give on Valentine’s Day. They represent love and passion. The red color comes from Venus, the Roman goddess of love.
  • Lock Your Love: In some places, couples show their love by putting padlocks on bridges or other places and throwing away the key. This means their love will last forever.

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What is the true meaning of Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is a special Christian feast day honoring a martyr named Valentine to celebrate love. It comes from a Christian story about Saint Valentine, who married people in secret when the Romans said no. He was brave and kind, and he showed us what true love is. That’s why we honor him and his love on this day.

Why is Valentine’s Day a romantic day?

Valentine’s Day became a romantic day due to the flourishing notions of courtly love, particularly associated with the “lovebirds” of early spring. This connection between the season’s renewal and expressions of affection contributed to the day’s transformation into a celebration of romance and love.

What happens on Valentine’s Day?

On Valentine’s Day, people express their love for one another by sending cards, gifts, and messages of love. The day is marked by gestures that convey affection, with individuals exchanging tokens of appreciation to celebrate their relationships.

How many days is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th each year. It is a single-day observance dedicated to expressing love and affection, with people around the world participating in various romantic and thoughtful gestures on this specific date.

Is Valentine’s Day an international holiday?

Valentine’s Day is not officially recognized as a global holiday, as it is not a public or statutory holiday in many countries. However, it is widely celebrated on a global scale, transcending borders and cultures, with people around the world participating in expressions of love and affection on February 14th each year.

Is Valentine’s Day always on a Thursday?

No, Valentine’s Day does not always fall on a Thursday. Valentine’s Day always occurs on February 14th, regardless of the day of the week. The specific day of the week on which February 14th falls changes from year to year.

In which month Valentine’s Day is celebrated?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in February. Specifically, it falls on February 14th each year, serving as a day dedicated to expressing love and affection.

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