Songkran 2024| All You Need To Know


Songkran is a New Year’s festival in Thailand on which the holiday happens in the entire country. This day is the most known for its water splashing, even when people splash water on one another. 

This is a beautiful Thai festival that represents all of the cultural aspects of Thailand. Do you want to know more about this festival, how it is celebrated, and where you can celebrate it? You’ll be learning about all of that in this piece of writing.

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What’s Songkran?

Songkran is a traditional Thai festival known as the New Year’s Festival of Thailand. This festival is celebrated in April, the hottest month in Thailand. The thing that is most famous of this festival is its water fights. 

You’ll see all of the Thai people splashing water on one another. The splashing water exemplifies the cleansing and the washing away of the past’s misfortunes. Songkran Day isn’t limited to Thailand, but it’s celebrated in several other southwest Asian countries, including Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia. 

History of Songkran


Songkran is the Thai New Year festival and it has some really interesting roots in agriculture. Back in the day, people would use water to clean Buddha statues and sprinkle it on their elders for good fortune. But over time, this evolved into the super fun water fights that we know and love today! 

It’s cool that the festival’s history shows how important water is to the region’s survival. The whole community comes together to celebrate and express gratitude for the life-giving properties of water. And the water fights? They’re just a playful way of embracing the festival’s spirit of cleansing, renewal, and unity. However, how is this beautiful festival celebrated in Thailand?

Celebration + Safety Tips+ Tips for Celebrating

Now, I’ll be telling you about how Thai people celebrate Thailand’s New Year’s Day. 

Celebration held on Songkran

  • Water Fights: Water fights are the first thing people do to celebrate this day. People splash water on one another using water guns, hoses, and buckets. The water is used in his festival to clean and wash off the past’s misfortunes.
  • Temple Visits: Most families visit the temples in Thailand to celebrate this festival and then distribute food among the monks and poor people. There are also different religious ceremonies held in the temples that people engage in in Thailand.
  • Respectful Gestures: The water isn’t only splashed on people but also on the images of Buddha statues and the hands of the elders to honor them. The water that is poured on these things is scented.

Safety Tips for Songkran Day

  • Protect Your Valuables: Since people splash water on one another on this day, protecting your valuables is crucial. Use waterproof pouches or bags to put your phones, wallet, and other important documents.
  • Be Mindful of Traffic: Don’t unthinkingly just run to put water on your friends. Be mindful of the traffic and follow all the rules to avoid accidents.
  • Use Safe Water: Ensure the water used during the festivities is clean and safe to prevent waterborne diseases. Avoid water from unknown sources.
  • Respect Boundaries: Be respectful to the people around you and splash on water only with their consent. It’s not a good idea to splash water on someone you may not know, as they might be okay with it.

Dates and Scheduling Of New Year’s Festival of Thailand 2024,2025,2026, 2027

Thai Songkran festival Song | รำวงเริงสงกรานต์ (Happy Songkran Dance)

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Where’s the best place to celebrate Songkran?

Bangkok’s Songkran festival is a must-attend event if you’re up for a three-day-long water fight.
Khaosan Road is the epicenter of the backpacker universe, while Siam offers traditional music and dance performances.
Silom Road is a hub for LGBTQ-friendly parties, and RCA is the go-to destination for clubbing.


Songkran is a festival which is celebrated every year in Thailand. This Thailand Day is celebrated in the hottest month of April every year. What has made this day famous worldwide is its water flights, which people do. 

The water represents the cleansing and the washing of the past’s misfortunes in Thailand. This is the reason people splash water on one another on this day. Other than that, a holiday happens on this day in the whole country.

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